Sach & Associates is a leading European patent law firm, founded in 2015.  We offer high quality European patent, design and trademark attorney representation in a variety of European jurisdictions including the European Patent Office (EPO), the UK patent office (UKIPO) and the French patent office (INPI).  We handle all areas of intellectual property (IP) work including drafting, filing, prosecution and opposition.  We are particularly well-respected for our work in prosecuting and defending software and business method patent applications at the EPO. 


The firm has its main office in Munich with specialist patent and trade mark attorneys assisting clients ranging from large, small, national, and multinational corporations to small and medium sized businesses and startups to private inventors.  We aid non-European law firms with their European IP matters particularly patent and trademark law firms from the US, China and India. Sach & Associates has an international perspective with European patent attorneys from the UK and mainland Europe who have also had secondments to patent law firms in the US.  Lead patent attorney Greg Sach has worked for UK, German and US patent firms.  We work in various sectors of industry and services including Consumer & Industrial Products, Consumer Durables, Financial Services & Banking, Infrastructure, and Energy & Transportation.


The firm is particularly known for providing cost efficient and reliable services including European regional phase entry, Amazon infringement representation for filing and defending against IP infringement complaints, the UK patent office and the European Patent Office.   We work on fixed fees and because of the experience and know-how of our attorneys, we are able to take applications smoothly through to grant with a minimum of fuss. 


We are able to offer lower cost services without sacrificing quality by keeping our firm structure simple. For many European patent law firms, the first 70 % of fees paid go to supporting a partnership model, facilitating ostentatious offices and paying for bloated administration teams.  At Sach & Associates, our overheads are low, we do not follow the traditional partnership model and our administration services are streamlined.  When you engage with an IP attorney at our firm, all of the monies spent pays for the service that you want, namely drafting a patent application, reliably filing patent, design and trademark applications, responding to examination reports, drafting and replying to notices of opposition, etc. 


Although we are a young firm, we are already working with a range of clients including some household names.  We have gained the trust of these clients by offering high quality patent attorney representation and with terms of service that favor our clients.