Why are we consultants rather than attorneys?
Why should you choose Sach & Associates?
Why are we consultants rather than attorneys?

While we are, of course, highly experienced and very well qualified patent attorneys, the reason we call ourselves consultants is that we want to be recognized as a freelance partner available to work on a project-by-project basis as and when you need us.  We can be viewed as your virtually in-house counsel for your European intellectual property (IP) matters.   


We do not want you to view us as a traditional private practice looking to build a network of billing opportunities around every event in your IP portfolio.  Our perspective is the same as your perspective.  We will work with you to keep costs down, we will provide high quality work product and we will assist you as much as you need us to with each aspect of your strategy for IP protection in Europe. 


We are here to assist you with the full range of services such as patent drafting, patent, design and trademark filings, prosecution of all registered IP through the examination process to grant in Europe.  We can also assist you with other matters such as freedom to operate opinions, European patent office oppositions, and Amazon infringement complaints.  We are here to help and available for hire.

Why should you choose Sach & Associates?

In these increasingly cost-conscious times, cost efficiency is an essential part of every business relationship.  As we are not a traditional partnership model, we do not have partners, a bloated filing department or an oversized admin team or an ostentatious corporate headquarters to pay for.


This means every Pound/Dollar/Euro you spend really is spent on attorney time, which enables us to offer you a much more competitively priced service without compromising on quality.


Lengthy tenures at some of the UK, the US and Germany’s leading IP firms has allowed our team to develop into vastly experienced, and well respected, UK, DE and EP patent, design and trademark attorneys.  


Our primary focus is on mechanical and software-based innovation.  The depth of understanding we have built up in these niche, and notoriously difficult to patent, areas means we are perfectly positioned to provide the expertise the companies operating in these sectors crave or a credible external option for in-house teams and attorneys in private practice who may not possess this very specialist experience. 


First and foremost, our experience means we can always provide exactly what every client demands – the highest quality work delivered to deadline and, because you know all of our work is being done at partner level, the peace of mind that you will not need to spend your own time checking it.


Experience has also taught us what clients want and what they do not want.  We will do everything to cut out the pointless administrative tasks that dog the profession.  Instead we will focus on what’s important - applying our knowledge so you get the best possible advice as and when you need it.


Moreover, as we have worked closely with many of the US’ leading firms and some of the US’ most 
recognizable corporates, we have developed a very unique ‘compound’ drafting style that meets the very different demands of the EPO and the USPTO.  Nowhere is this experience more valuable than in the increasingly sensitive area of patenting software, where a very specialist set of skills is required to successfully satisfy both the US and European patent offices.   That experience also ensure that we are sensitive to US clients’ needs when prosecuting US originating cases before patent offices in Europe. 


We are repeatedly told that this capability has added an extra dimension to our prosecution work that the majority of our clients now consider to be invaluable.



We are completely flexible and offer every client a totally bespoke service.  If you would  like fixed fees or a certain billing schedule, you can have it.  If you want us to get right into the details rather than sending the usual formal responses and commentary, that is what we will do.  And we never use a formulaic house style in our communications.  We will use the language that you prefer.  

We are working for you. Tell us how you like to work and that is what we will do. 

However, we also know that if we do not get on, you will not use us.  This is why we do everything we can to make sure our relationship works on a personal as well as a professional level. 



We are constantly looking for ways to improve the way we communicate with clients and reduce the volume of paperwork involved with managing your patent portfolio.  As a boutique, we are able to cut out a lot of the legacy communications (and the associated costs) larger firms consider to be essential.  When we work together, you will know that every time we do get in touch, there is a legitimate business reason for doing so.


If this sounds like the approach that would work best for you, click here to arrange an initial (and free) introductory chat.