Find out more about the S&A EPO Cost Estimator and how it can help you

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How the S&A EPO Cost Estimator can help you
How the S&A EPO Cost Estimator can help you

The S&A EPO Cost Estimator has proven its usefulness in more ways than one. This tool retrieves all the necessary data from the relevant patent databases an automatically calculates the costs for filing a European patent application based on an International or PCT applicaiton.

How to use it

Using the S&A EPO Cost Estimator is easy as well. All you have to do is enter the patent’s international publication number (which can be found on the front page of the International or PCT publication in the format YYYYnnnnnn without the forward slash ‘/’), and the S&A EPO Cost Estimator will interrogate and check all the patent databases relevant to your application and extract the required information. This will instantly give you an estimate of the costs and any other official fees for your EPO regional phase entry.


Its advantages

By knowing how much you will have to spend for the application and filing of the patent, you can easily prepare whatever resources are needed and make the process even simpler. Not only will you be able to save time – you will also be able to save on unnecessary expenses since you know exactly what is required from the beginning.

How else can you save?

By using the outdated system of filing patent applications (read: the old, archaic process where nothing is automated and you have to do everything yourself), you may have to spend as much as 2,500 EUR for a single EPO regional phase entry and that is not including the patent office fees.


But by filing your EPO regional phase entry with Sach & Associates, you will only be charged a fixed service fee of 250 EUR. No other European patent attorney firm can offer this uniquely low cost.  We are able to off such low costs by reducing administration layers, using automation where possible and minimizing overheads. 


So, whether you are a legal practice, an SME, a corporation, or an individual inventor, file your EPO regional phase entries with Sach & Associates.  It will immediately save you money and you will appreciate our responsive, reliable and professional service.