Our Team
Our Team

Our team is led by Greg Sach, a highly experienced patent attorney who has not only worked for some of the leading IP firms in Germany, the US and the UK but also alongside many of the US’ largest firms and for some of the world’s largest and most instantly recognizable corporates.


Greg’s particular specialisms lie in the mechanical field (most particularly in medical devices) and in software, which is notoriously difficult to patent in any jurisdiction.  Greg specifically has skills in drafting and prosecuting patent applications in the fields of autonomous vehicles and other artificial intelligence applications.  


Greg has had lengthy employment tenures at some of the UK, the US and Germany’s leading IP firms and has operated as a contract attorney for a variety of other private practice firms in the US and in Europe.  Greg has drafted and prosecuted 1000s of patent applications before various patent offices around the world.  Greg is a British and European patent attorney and has also passed the US patent bar examination during a spell working in San Diego.  



Greg has developed a unique ‘compound’ drafting style that meets the very different demands of the EPO and the USPTO.  Nowhere is this experience more valuable than in the increasingly sensitive area of patenting software where a specialist set of skills is required to successfully satisfy both the US and European patent offices.  Greg had a 12-month temporary placement in the US to assist in drafting an extensive patent portfolio in the driverless car sector, which has served to enhance this transatlantic patent drafting approach. 


Greg has been lead attorney for a large number of opposition and appeal cases at the European patent office, particularly in the medical device sector.  In relatively high-profile cases, Greg was the main representative in successful oppositions against patents in Europe covering the EPIPEN®.  Greg has served as outside patent counsel for various corporations to support drafting, prosecution, freedom to operate, litigation and other intellectual property related projects.  


Greg has developed software tools to allow for automated cost estimates for EPO regional phase entry and even to complete the EPO regional phase entry. 


Outside of work, Greg loves to spend time with his young family, to play soccer, to learn and to cycle.