Robot Files Patent


I have been working with an excellent software developer (@Rory Combe) for months and months now creating an EPO patent filing tool. The idea was simple enough - to automatically fill out and file the EPO regional phase entry form based only on a PCT number entry. I guess all simple ideas are the same; the devil is in the doing.

The hard work has been worth it though, with a first LIVE filing today. It took the entry of one number and just 3 clicks of the mouse to complete and file all the necessaries for entering the EPO regional phase. Less than a minute required for what is the work of a department at some private practice law firms.

All I need now is a customer! The software may be of interest to private practice and in-house departments looking for significant efficiency gains. If you would be interested in seeing a demo of the software, please get in contact.

#Patent #Robot #PCT #EPO

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