The launch of the product of the future (from The Patent Lawyer)

March 2017 could very well become something of a landmark for the patent industry. Quietly and somewhat under the radar a boutique German patent consultancy, Sach & Associates, launched the very first online patent filing tool of its kind and it looks likely that if it catches on, the tool could very well change the way both corporates and patent attorneys practicing outside Europe execute EPO regional phase entry for ever. The World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) has been working on a solution to allow PCT filers to trigger the national phases using their ePCT tool since 2014. This clearly shows there is a clear demand for self-filing ‘Chapter III’. Although WIPO has not yet succeeded in producing a solution, this new online tools means is now possible for applicants and law firms to take control of this step for the European regional phase. While the tool is designed to simplify the procedure for entering the European regional phase for a PCT patent application, the actual interface has specifically been designed to simplify the process for the user. It offers a 3-click, one entry route from filing through to payment and onto an email confirmation that includes the EPO’s official receipt ... To read the rest of this article please click here .

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