Amazon® take-downs: a case study

Sellers on Amazon® often face problems with unauthorized sellers offering counterfeit products under their banner. In addition to potential lost profits, low quality counterfeits can be especially egregious when they have an impact on the real seller’s ratings and product reviews. A good reputation is well-deserved and hard-earned and action must be taken against copycats before damage is done.

Before you can complain against infringers, you ideally need to have intellectual property (IP) rights to form the basis for your complaint. Complaints can be made through Amazon’s online forms. The online forms for Europe can be found here: UK: DE: FR: IT: ES:

Copyright, trademark, patent and design rights (or a combination) are examples of possible intellectual property rights that can be used as a basis for your amazon® infringement complaint. The complaint can be filed by the seller or by an agent (like Sach & Associates!). Of course, we are also able to help you secure registered IP rights (including utility models, patents, design rights, trademarks, etc.) at a low cost, fixed fee in all of the major European markets including France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

In a recent case, we were successful in taking down a copycat design right and trademark infringer of a popular electronics product. The original seller had tried themselves, unsuccessfully, to have the infringing product taking down. After the first complaint failure, we were instructed to take action on their behalf. In addition to the online forms, we had some direct communication with Amazon®’s legal department. Our complaint resulted in the item being removed from all of Amazon®’s European market places within 5 days.

In this case, it proved beneficial to use an agent to make the complaint as we were able to fully explain the rights held, the scope of the rights, the nature of the IP infringement and consequences associated with non-compliance.

Are you having problems with unauthorized Amazon sellers and want an expert to handle removing them for you? We are here to help and encourage you to get in contact. We can even work for a relatively low cost, fixed price for each Amazon® take-down.

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